PCUO School Fees 2023/2024 For New & Returning Students | Precious Cornerstone University, Oyo

Precious Cornerstone University, (PCUO) Oyo school fees schedule has been announced for freshers and returning students for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Students who have just gained admission into PCUO, or are interested in applying for admission into the institution can proceed to check to see how much the school fees is below.

The official portal for PCUO school fees payment is www.pcu.edu.ng. This article will give you a breakdown of Precious Cornerstone University, Oyo school fees for students in each of the departments.

It is important to note that this is the complete breakdown and complete fee for each student, and this information is usually updated occasionally by the institution, hence, if the institution makes any change or updates to this school fees schedule, we’ll ensure you’re promptly and duly informed.

PCUO School Fees Schedule 2023

The current approved school fees of Precious Cornerstone University, (PCUO) Oyo have been supplied below for both the new and returning students.

Acceptance 15,000 15,000
Parent Forum Fee 10,000 10,000
Tuition Fee 250,000 270,000
Accommodation Fee 85,000 85,000
Course Registration Fee 5,000 5,000
Examination Fee 5,000 5,000
ICT/Portal 15,000 15,000
Medical Fee 10,000 10,000
Laboratory Fee 10,000 15,000
Library Fee 5,000 5,000
Sports Levy 5,000 5,000
I.D Card 5,000 5,000
Results Verification 5,000 5,000
Development Levy 10,000 10,000
Students’ Representative


5,000 5,000
TOTAL 415,000 440,000

JUPEB School Fees

Description of Charges Amount in Naira
Admission Fee 7,500
Acceptance Fee 12,500
Programme Fee 274,000
Breakdown of Programme Fee
Tuition Fee 110,000
ID Card Fee 2,500
Accommodation Fee 85,000
Examination Fee 50,000
Medical Fee 5,000
ICT Fee 4,000
Sport Fee 2,500
Library Fee 5,000
Caution Fee 10,000

PCUO School Fees for Old Students 2023

Precious Cornerstone University, (PCUO) Oyo has firmly stated that the school fees for this academic session should be paid before the announced deadline. Students are advised to pay their school fees before the date the portal has been scheduled to close.

PCUO school fees for science-related courses and the direct entry students have been updated, too. Simply go to www.pcu.edu.ng and confirm the current school fees schedule for those.

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